1. Iceberg Lettuce 2:26 Play MP3
2. Inconsiderate Drivers 2:33
3. Faucets 3:19
4. Gut :37
5. Cuppa Tea 1:47
6. Vinyl Siding 2:47
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7. RRRats 4:55
Play MP3
8. Just A Nickel 3:59
9. Clove Cigarettes 1:56
10. Everything Is All The Same 2:22
11. Is This Anyway To Be? 4:53
12. Bunions 1:14
13. Bread Is Dangerous 2:08
14. See More :36
15. Stubborn 3:41

"I was driving across Boston, irritated from too little sleep after last night's gig in NYC, and on edge because the soundtrack I was working on wasn't quite under control. Luckily, Moose had given me a cassette copy of this CD. I put it in and immediately the plight of the Iceberg Lettuce (so heroically given a voice) put all else in perspective. Who needs talk radio when you can tune in to the Litany of Complaints?. . . Already a classic and I only heard it once."
-Roger Miller, Mission Of Burma

"Sheer honesty prevails here. What you hear is what you get and what you see you can't forget."
-Erik Lindgren