Additional biography info.

Ed "Moose" Savage grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts and received his initial dose of live bands listening to The Mau Maus, Beep Beep and the Roadrunners, and The New Breed, at the Jewish Community Center around 1965- 1967. The first more well known band he saw was Moulty and the Barbarians at The Comic Strip in Worcester in 1966. Two years later Ed saw the Jimi Hendrix Experience at Clark University. From this point on, he caught hundreds of bands and was especially into the West Coast bands such as Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, Spirit, Big Brother and the Holding Compay, Love, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Kaleidescope, Grateful Dead, Santana, The Youngbloods, Mothers of Invention, etc. Ed also journeyed to the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals, and Woodstock. He listened to a lot of folk, jazz, country, and bluegrass music.

Ed, himself, had never performed out in any organized form. He did, however, jam on kazoo, jews harp, and harmonica with many of his musician friends. Ed would perform a song he wrote in high school, "The Roach Under The Pillow", at these parties; just vocal and kazoo.

In 1978, Ed began what was to become annual trips to New Orleans to sell his old prints and photos, which was his business, at the French Quarter Flea Market. He would set up in front of the "Streetcar Named Desire"; the actual one which had been used in the movie. These trips changed his life. It was the music of New Orleans, the people of New Orleans, the city of New Orleans, the food of New Orleans, the feel, the vibe, the SOUL of New Orleans! These stays became extended and he would live down there for two months at a time. In 1980, Ed started attending The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the "greatest festival in the world"! This would all eventually influence Ed's music and performance.

Since 1973, Ed has been selling old prints, photos, advertising, and music collectibles, originally setting up in Harvard Square, and in front of Boston University. From 1978- 2005, he owned and operated the legendary shop, Picture Paradise, in Allston, Massachusetts. On one of their trips to Boston for a show, The Ramones made a point of checking out Picture Paradise. He has since relocated to an old tannery building in Salem, Mass. His items have appeared in the Aerosmith video, "Sweet Emotion", the film, "My Dog Skip", and continue to adorn many homes, restaurants, and businesses in the Boston area.